With more of 25 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world, Fluiteco continues to be the landmark with his specialized wastewater filtration treatment equipment.

FLUITECO is an engineered products company, which approach to project management is to consider, foresee and respond to project needs and to design, develop and deliver cost-effective and practical solutions to meet those needs.

Our clients trust us to manufacture, deliver and support Screening and Grit Removal and washing systems, Sludge thickener/Screw press and Disc Filter, mechanical separation packages and conveyor systems.  Our equipment are designed to meet client project needs.

The extraordinary performances of our equipment are ensured by quality components and by our highly professional production team.​

The production team is composed by assemblers and certified welders, experts in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, a process of arc welding with consumable electrode

( tungsten ), under protection of inert gas.​

Passivation is a phenomenon of electrochemical nature that can slow down o completely prevent thereaction of corrosion of metallic materials, which would otherwise occur. After the assembling, every machine is verified and tested by our control quality to give the best product possible, and satisfy the exigence of our worldwide costumers.



The wolrd Partnershis supported by Fluiteco are spreadings around over and over.

Developing machinaries to ensure that every Pretreatment Needs has quality based on our experience and in collaborations with trusted partners located all around the world.




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