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The CCS – SHAFTLESS SCREW CONVEYOR is our highly customizable solution for the waste conveyor.

It is constituted by a shaftless screw which, once actuated by the motor gear, rotates on its own transporting

the loaded material towards one or more discharge outlets(eventually equipped with a guillotine closing).

The machine can be supplied in two different configuration:

· On pull: where the spiral that pulls the material towards the discharge outlet in the vicinity of the geared motor.

· On push: where the material is pushed towards the outlet at the opposite side of the gear motor. The drive can be effected via direct connection of the spiral to the gear motor, or by a geared motor transmission system - chain - flange of the spiral shaft. The absence of the central shaft makes these machines suitable for the transport of sticky materials, typically sludge and sediment, which would otherwise tend to stick to the shaft of the loop. The machine's working range is between 0 ° and 30 ° of tilt, with a carriage return that falls with increasing inclination.

Our conveyors can be manufactured in vertical installation version called CCS-V – VERTICAL SHAFTLESS


This solution has the great advantage to reduce system footprint necessary and to lift up screenings/sludge

until 20mt height. Execution can be made with shaftless spiral rotating inside an external pipe or two U

troughs bolted together.

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