The basket of the screen is lifted out of the well and lowered by an electrical winch. For guidance of the basket there are two guide rails fixed at the structure in which the basket

is driven over 4 rollers. The guides are made out of

u-profiles are designed with an opening in the rail for maintenance at the basket in the upper area. The residual draining is made by a rake. The drive is made by a rope drum with gear motor which are installed out of the building.

For upper limitation of the basket a limit switch is mounted on the guide rail. The basket of the screen consists of a sectional steel construction and there is a flat- steel

grating (4 mm) at the discharge side and the lower area. The side are stainless steel pipes for a better cleaning/draining of the basket. The size of the basket is suited to the inlet situation. At lifting the basket of the screen a drop screen automatically closes the inlet so that no screenings can get into the outlet during the draining of the basket. 



SMC – MULTI RAKED BAR SCREEN is the ideal machine for the pretreatment of the wastewater.
It represents the best solution as a first step in a forefront depuration plant. The SMC consist in a Stainless Steel frame, developed for an “in channel” installation with 75° inclination. The filtration zone, placed in the bottom part, is made by equidistant stainless steel bars. The coarse waste present in the waste water, is blocked by the bars of the filtering zone and accumulate in the bottom of the frame until the consequent increase of water level activates the cleaning system through rakes.
The rakes are developed to fit perfectly with the filtration bar spacing and they are connected to a
transmission chain moved by the gear motor placed on the top of the machine. When the gear motor start working, the rakes take the coarse waste from the bottom of the channel and carries them to the discharge placed on the top.

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