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Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco joining forces!

Nijhuis Industries and Fluiteco announced their global cooperation during IFAT, the largest tradeshow in the world for water and waste management. Menno M. Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Industries explains: “Fluiteco is adding a large range of high quality and smart separation and filtration products, which is making Nijhuis an even more attractive partner for our rapidly expanding global municipal and industrial client base. Besides cooperating in Italy and San Marino to actively serve the regional market, the commercial and service teams of both companies are actively exploring joint opportunities in each region around.”

Roberto Gatto, co-owner and Business Development Manager of Fluiteco continues: “This cooperation agreement is a landmark in our company history, especially as Nijhuis Industries is offering Fluiteco access to the global market, existing and future clients in over 130 countries and together more than 2,600 references. Both teams also share the same passion to exceed the clients’ expectations and design and deliver the best and most competitive solution instead of just a single product.” Menno M. Holterman adds: “The first joint projects have been successfully commissioned and more commercial successes will be announced shortly.”

Successful implementation of the Nijhuis Screw Press

The cooperation between Nijhuis and Fluiteco is already paying off. Since the launch of the Nijhuis Screw Press (NSP) in 2017, which is developed in close consultation with the experienced Fluiteco and Nijhuis engineers, customers from several industries are already benefit of the screw press, such as As Do Mar, one of the leading tuna fish processing companies with operations in Italy and Portugal. Sludge dewatering treatment with the NSP effectively generates dewatered cake with high dry solids content and a good quality of centrate water, resulting in significant sludge volume reduction. Hence, costs associated with sludge disposal will be minimized.

Cost-effective Sludge Dewatering Solution

The screw press unit consists of pre-assembled components which enable the dewatering system to be flexible and easy to install, either as part of a total wastewater treatment solution project or as a stand-alone system in a new or existing wastewater treatment plant. Furthermore, the smart design configuration reserves low footprint for the total sludge dewatering system with a NSP unit.


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