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Technical conference FluitecoTecfluid 10th of June 2019 Santiago, Chile

The technical conference held in Chile with Tecfluid has been focused on sludge dehydration and combined pretreatment units in civil and industrial plants.


During the conference we had the opportunity to supervise the WAU combined pretreatment unit manufactured by Fluiteco - The pretreatment house.

Wau is a “state of art” combined unit of waste water pretreatment, designed to fulfill three functions at the same time :filtration, sand and grease removal.

All in one, a single, convenient and reliable stainless steel machine.


The video shows how the equipment is operating dividing waste water from grit, grease and sands.

Fluiteco - Tecfluid

Technical Conference 2019

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Isadora Barros
Isadora Barros
Jul 04, 2019

Great seminar, our customers were very satisfied and grateful ! Thanks Fluiteco for your support , time, and good humor! We will continue working hard to have more happy customers :-)

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