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CPW4015 - Here we are!

CPW screw compactor, is recommended where fast compacting of a volume of plastic is needed.

The screw compactors compact the rejects at the ratio of up to 10:1 with a huge cost reduction for disposal.

Heavy Duty drums to withstand the worst efforts.

When the reject is fed into the screw compactor it will be conveyed by a high thickness spiral until the compaction chamber.

A counteweight pneumatically actuted will provide to create a compaction effect before the discharge.

B e n e f i t s :

• Generate income from compacted plastic.

• Reduce cost for warehouse, transport and disposal.

• High capacity compared to price.

• Block sizes are easy to handle.

Application Fields

-Solid waste treatment plants

-Foodwaste treatment plants

-Paper mills


Totally manufactured in stainless steel, CPW-HD screw press is suitable to be installed indoor or outdoor depending from the necessity

CPW4015 team


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