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SDH - Sludge Cleaner

This equipment is designed to clean the sludge from screenings / Fibers before the dewatering process.

The sludge has a density that ranges between 0.5 up to 6%. It enters the Sludge Cleaner SDH, and through a cleansing process inside the machine, such liquid is divided from its biggest particles (plastic, etc..).

This process implies for the sludge to go through several screenings, in order to make a more thorough cleansing of the liquid: such happens on the way to the compaction chamber.


Screenings removed from sludge and dewatered 35%TS.

After being processed and reaching said chamber, the sludge exits the machine

ready to be dewatered, as the fibers that could damage the pump or the sludge dewatering system have been taken care of.

Sludge Cleaned Ready to be dewatered

Fluiteco's Sludge Cleaner line is made out of 2 sizes: SDH04 and SDH07, suitable to treat a flow up to 100mc/h of Sludge.


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