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The equipment scope is separate water from sandy materials.
It consists in a suitably shaped decantation hopper, with a screw for the sedimented materials extraction. The spiral is normally of the type without central shaft (shaftless), but is also provided for the version with central shaft (shafted).
The spiral auger is normally connected directly to the motor via flanged shaft.
The operation of the machine is simple but extremely effective: the water to be treated entering into the hopper and the sands during the water remains inside the tank, because of their weight, they go to the bottom. Meanwhile, the extraction screw proceeds with the removal of the sand from the bottom of the machine which, by rotating at low speed, avoids the turbulence and increases the efficiency of the process.
The trough of the extraction auger is protected by a wear-resistant coating HDPE or in stainless steel bars.



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